Carrot Media is dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguarding any personal information that you provide us when registering with the website. The following document clarifies how we access and use your information for our site, services, or products.

The Policy is susceptible to change at any time at our discretion. We will notify you of the changes and request that you read it carefully before using the website. Your continued use of our site and services will mean you comply with the updates.

If you disagree with the Terms, please cease further use of the site and our Services immediately.


The website is not for children under 18. We do not knowingly gather and use personal details from users below the age of 18.

Personal Data Collected

Carrot Media collects Personal Details and Other Data from its users, depending on how you use the site and our services. Your interaction with the website also defines the type of data we collect.

Personal Data includes identifiable details like name, email address, home address, phone numbers, and usage data. We use this information to improve your online experience with personalized service, including products or services that might interest you.

  • Account Registration: For access to the website and our services, you need to register an account, which requires you to share personal information such as name, contact details, and more. The data is accessible to anyone who uses your login credentials to access your account. Thus, we strongly advise you to keep sensitive information confidential.
  • Payment Services: We use third-party payment methods to charge for our services through the website. You will be redirected to a third-party page hosted by the Payment Service provider to make payments. All personal details that you provide through the portal are under the control of the Payment Service provider. We are not liable for the information you share and their use of it.
  • Log Data: Carrot Media may collect technical data such as network and connection details, IP address, cookies, browser type, and device that you use, including plug-in type, operating system, time zone settings, and more.

We may also collect metrics, such as searches, downloads, shares, prints, views, usage reports, technical errors, journey history, and backup information. We may collect personal data from third-party affiliates to provide personalized content, products, and services for an enhanced online experience.

For security concerns, we request that you not share any sensitive information such as social security numbers, login credentials, ethnic, racial, political, and health-related details on the website.

Disclosure of Personal Data

We collect user data to improve our services and enhance your online experience. We will use your personal information for the following use-cases:

  • Communications: We may use user information to provide promotional offers, sales, programs, and new product launches that might interest you. You are free to unsubscribe via the ‘opt-out’ section.
  • Promotions: We may hold promotional contests from time to time on the website. If a user wishes to participate, they have to share specific personal details to enter and win. Before participating, you need to read and review the rules of each contest to understand the use of personal data.
  • Business Purposes: We may also use users’ business purposes, for example, data analysis, customer feedback, content customization, feedback purposes, market research, promotional plans, business transactions, marketing, and product development. Personal information is also used to share the latest updates on business activities with journalists and media contacts. Any information gathered before such transactions is to establish and manage legal relations strictly.
  • Legal Communications: We hold the right to utilize all the personal details you provide to improve our services by sharing product launches, promotions, and more that might interest you. We will make sure to notify you of any updates and modifications to the policies, transactions, and agreements. As these notifications are essential for continued use of the site and our services, you cannot unsubscribe from these updates.

Collection & Use of Other Data

Carrot Media classifies Other Data in the following types:

  • Monitoring Data: Our service providers and we may collect names, demographic information, and statistical data involving the use of the Carrot Media website. We use monitoring data to determine the popularity of our website, its products, and services among its users. All demographic and statistical data will help us improve our services for better experience. It cannot be used to identify users.

  • Aggregated Data: We collect and combine your details to fulfill any business requirements, ensuring to keep your identity secure. Any aggregated data can be used for this purpose by Carrot Media and its service providers.
  • Cookies: Carrot Media and our service providers depend on cookies to enhance your online experience. We use cookies and other technologies to monitor and understand your use of the website. If you don’t wish to share your information through these cookies, you can opt-out by declining cookies and their transfer via your browser. All features of the website may not be available if cookies are disabled.
    Our Cookie Policy applies to track and usage of the website. Its use is necessary for various use-cases, such as:

  • Basic: Cookies are essential for our website to function appropriately. It includes cookies for authentication of new users and their information for account-related activities. Such cookies are mandatory to record visitors’ interests and preferences, including language, notification settings, and account name.
  • Analytics & Performance: We use cookies to gather information on users’ interaction with the website and its services. It allows us to track data such as the most visited pages, the number of visitors to the site, and other analytical data.
  • Security: Carrot Media website uses cookies to identify and prevent security risks.
  • Marketing: Cookies are utilized to show targeted ads and content to users of our Services. It helps us track and monitor the efficiency of ads displayed on the website. These cookies record information like visitors to the site, time spent on a page per visitor, how many times ads have been shown, and the number of clicks per advertisement. It helps us personalize the experience for each user.
  • Tools: Carrot Media may also use several online tools such as ‘pixel tags,’ ‘web beacons,’ ‘action tags,’ ‘gif tags,’ ‘JavaScript,’ or other devices related to tracking user journey across the website and email recipients. It allows us to control the success of campaigns and collect user statistics and the response rate of the website.
    These technologies help us collect information about our website visitors who have visited particular webpages. They also help us track whether emails have been opened and seen by the recipients.

  • Verification: We use third-party services to authenticate users registered with our website. It is necessary to make sure that every information gathered is accurate and authentic. Any details collected are subject to the privacy policy of the service provider.


Carrot Media may record, retain, and use your data according to the terms of this Privacy Policy. We prioritize security and thus take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of personal information. Such details are secured on our server and not available for access by the public.

We practice severe measures and precautions to protect your information and prevent access, misuse, and alteration of the data secured on our system. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain accuracy, and ensure proper use of information within the terms of this Privacy Policy, we uphold the integrity and safety of our systems.

Carrot Media is not liable for breaching its network and systems or for security measures practiced by third-parties. You are advised not to interrupt any security network or interfere with the management of the website.

User Consent

With the use of our website, you agree to the terms and conditions laid out in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for Carrot Media and its service providers. Your use of the site also implies your consent for the information we gather and share.

We may also provide personalized content, product updates, and services to improve your experience by collecting and gathering information from related third-party businesses.

Edit, Update, or Access

If you wish to access, review, update, edit, or delete any information you share with us, then send us a request via email. We will aim to comply with all appeals.

We may have to verify and authenticate a few details before processing your request, including users’ identity. For security purposes, we practice legal authentication within the bounds of the law. There may also be outstanding information stored on our servers for record-keeping and will not be subject to deletion or correction.

We aim to set up a secure and safe platform by ensuring our Privacy Policy is available to all parties with disabilities. If a user wants to view the Policy in an alternative format, they may reach us directly via email. We will strive to comply with your request as soon as possible.

Third-Party Links

The Carrot Media website includes links to third-party websites and social media sites. Please note that our Privacy Policy does not govern the content shared by these sites or its policies on the collection and usage of personal information. We are not responsible for these third-party links. We do not sponsor, control, or endorse these sites, policies, agreements, and terms.

If users provide any Personal Data to a third-party website, the transaction will be stored on the external website, not Carrot Media. We suggest that you read and understand these third-party policies before sharing personal information.

Law and Enforcement of Privacy Policy

The U.S. Federal Law and State law govern the usage of the Carrot Media website. If you access and use the site from anywhere other than the United States, with different regulations and rules governing the collection, sharing, using, and disclosing of personal information, then you consent to transfer Personal Data and Other Data to the U.S. You consent to the laws applied with the usage, sharing, and disclosure of the Personal Data.

To stop unauthorized access, uphold data accuracy, and ensure proper use of your data, we maintain the integrity and security of our systems. For that reason, we request you not to disclose and share sensitive details such as social security numbers, login credentials, health-related information, race, ethnicity, and so on, via the website.

Do Not Track Disclosures (DNT)

Carrot Media does not acknowledge or respond to DNT or Do Not Track signals at the moment. Third-parties track and monitor user actions when you click on their content and browse their site. For that reason, several browsers provide a DNT option, which allows you to opt-out of being tracked by a third-party.

Carrot Media has a cookie policy that applies to track and usage of the website. We use monitoring data to understand and determine the popularity of the site, products, or services among the target market and create a better overall experience. DNT prevents us from providing a valuable experience for our users.

Contact Us

In case of queries and concerns, please reach out to our customer service, and we will make sure to resolve your issues and comply with your requests.