Acceptance of Terms

The Terms highlighted in the following document govern the use and access of the Carrot Media website and services provided. We will inform users of changes in Terms and Conditions via the site. Your continued use of the Services following the changes implies your acknowledgment and acceptance of the changes. If you disagree with these terms, please cease use and access to the site.

Privacy Policy

Carrot Media is dedicated to protecting its users’ privacy and secure any personal details that you provide us via our website, during registration, or more. The policy covers how we access and use your personal information to improve our site, services, and products to provide a better online experience. We collect personal data, and other details depending on you use the site and our services.

If you continue using our services, following any changes to the Privacy Policy will mean you have read, acknowledged, and agree with them. If you disagree with the updated terms, please cease use of the site and refrain from further sharing of personal information.

The website is not for children under 18 years. We do not knowingly gather personally identifiable information from users under 18.

The Services

  • The users’ compliance with the Agreement, subscription for a specific plan, and payment of services is subjective to the Services available to them. Carrot Media endeavors to ensure that Services are available as planned. We have the right to alter, replace, modify, or discontinue any of our Services at any time without notice to you at our discretion.
  • With the use of the site and our Service, you agree to:
    1. Provide accurate, current, and complete details in any form within the website.
    2. Maintain and update the information as needed
    3. Protect confidential information, such as your username and password
    4. Notify Carrot Media of any unauthorized activity on your account
    5. Accept responsibility for all actions on your account
  • You are liable for investing and maintaining all online network and computer equipment needed to use and access the Services.
  • We have the right to dismiss your account without notice to you if you:
    1. Violate the Terms and Conditions
    2. Share your login credentials with anyone
    3. Violate our values
    4. Abuse our team or Services in any way, including for illegal purposes.
  • ‘Licensed Content’ is the content owned by Carrot Media. We have an exclusive license for our artwork, stock photographs, font, video, audio, designs, and literature. Although you are the only and sole owner of all designs and titles produced for your graphic design, they grant us a lasting, global, transferable, binding, sub-licensable non-exclusive, license to practice and exploit the content subjective to the feedback and recommendation.

Use of the Services

  • Our Services are available for unlimited design requests and scope that the user may have subscribed to as part of a plan and account size. Our turnaround rate depends on the complexity, request volume, and revisions needed. We strive to try our best to accommodate and prioritize projects and timelines. Still, we suggest avoiding using our services if you are on a tight deadline with time-sensitive tasks.
  • While we strive to minimize errors, we do not guarantee 100% error-free files because of the nature of the work. So, we request that you review and evaluate each file delivered for any mistakes and errors. Please notify us of any corrections and revisions needed within seven days of receiving the files. If you fail to inform us within that time, we will try to cooperate and fix those errors, but we are not bound to do so.
  • You are the sole owner of all information, materials, and data provided to use the Services. You have ownership of the data submitted to us. You have the required licenses, authorization, and rights to access, use, share, and alter the data. You provide us a non-exclusive right to use your personal information to provide the Services.


Carrot Media holds the right to cancel subscriptions to our Services if the fee is not paid in full, inclusive of applicable taxes. Our Services will be available subjective to time-to-time payment upon registration and modification. As a user, you provide us the right to charge you through your choice of payment method for the recurrent fees and applicable taxes. You will be charged depending on your selected billing frequency, for example, monthly, quarterly, annually.

Overdue charges will incur regular interest at 1.5% of the unpaid fees. Carrot Media holds the right to terminate the account if payments are not fulfilled. We have the right to change the total cost, notifying you five days in advance.

In case of a refund, make sure to cancel your subscription within 30-days of registering with Carrot Media. After that time, we are not eligible for a refund.

Confidential Information

To ensure security, we request that you do not disclose confidential information, such as social security numbers, login details, racial, ethnic, political, and health-related details on the site. We may use your information to send promotional offers, sales, programs, and product releases that might interest you. If you don’t want these notifications, you are free to unsubscribe by checking the opt-out section. Carrot Media has the right to use a user’s personal information to improve its services and enhance the online experience by sending you personalized content of your interests.

Any modifications to the Terms, including transactions and policies, will be relayed to you. As this information is necessary for continued use of the site and our Services, you can’t unsubscribe from these updates.

Who Owns the Work?

We have an exclusive license to all our artwork, stock photographs, audio, video, font, designs, and literature. It provides us a globally transferable, non-exclusive, sub-licensable license to practice and exploit the content, subjective to feedback, suggestions, and recommendations. But we give the users all exclusive rights to the digital products, including artwork and titles produced concerning their project.

Term and Termination

The Terms in the document shall remain effective after the termination of your account or subscription to a service. Once your account is ended, you will lose your rights to use and access all our Services.